Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Soccer in a Tutu

So Andee's first 2 soccer games, she just cried most of the time and we could barely get her to step on the field. So we had a little talk and figured out what was wrong. She said the shorts I made her wear "weren't Beautiful" so I said you can wear whatever you want. And as you can see she did and she played AMAZINGLY well. She was so aggressive and all over the place. Ben and I were just in awe. From now on she picks the outfit.


Kari said...

haha how weird and funny! are pink shorts not good enough?

The Zouns said...

You were busy today!
Soccer in a TuTu looks perfect to me. I have never seen such a beautiful little soccer player.

Rach said...

That is HILARIOUS! i LOVE it :)