Sunday, May 23, 2010


Andee with her cute Joy School friends!! It has been so much FUN!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

13 days and counting

In case you're wondering why Brea has that lovely (not to mention STINKY) C-collar on. A bad combination of Trike, steep concrete driveway, big noggin', little strength, super mom (sarcastic obviously). Anyway. . . We are so blessed to find out after 4 long days in ICU that it was a bruise on her spine. Poor bug. . . . doesn't she have to deal with enough. I really am trying, I promise.
It was so great to see those little slits after some LONG days. I admit my FEAR outgrew my FAITH on this one, but not BREA'S. She has COMPLETE FAITH.
Even better a little GRIN.
Even better, our Brea back. . . . She lost all movement on her left side and therapists thought it would take 6+ months to get complete movement back. They obviously didn't know Brea. She was walking 2 days after we got home from the hospital and probably 100% back 1-2 weeks later.
What a miracle. . . never experienced anything quite like it. Thanks sooo soo much for all your prayers and fasting. I don't know about for Brea and the rest, but this was rougher for me than all her surgeries put together. . .
I love that face and cried when I got to see it again.

Gage felt a little left out and wanted a mark on his head as well.

Andee's babies

Elizabeth the bunny and her sister (who is Black, but not as tame) Elizabelle. Andee loves the bunnies. I don't think she's gone a day with out packing Elizabeth around, wrapping her in a blanket, pushing her up and down the street in a doll stroller, putting it down for a nap, and feeding it. She's the best little mom. Thanks McAllisters girls for taming Andee the perfect bunny friend. It's the best bunny ever.

Gage discovered the hose. He's sooooooooooo fun. Today he walked by Andee's feet hanging over the couch and stopped to tickle them. He says "tickle tickle" so cute.

Bike Riding 101

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Soccer in a Tutu

So Andee's first 2 soccer games, she just cried most of the time and we could barely get her to step on the field. So we had a little talk and figured out what was wrong. She said the shorts I made her wear "weren't Beautiful" so I said you can wear whatever you want. And as you can see she did and she played AMAZINGLY well. She was so aggressive and all over the place. Ben and I were just in awe. From now on she picks the outfit.

Andee's 1st Dance Recital

She was so excited for her first dance recital!! She loves to perform. . . and dress up.
They danced to "choo choo soul". It was so cute!!

Thanks grandma and grandpa Hobson for coming

And Thanks Misti for coming!!
Thanks for the flowers Dad, they were a BIG hit!!


Brea started preschool (4 days a week!) She loves it, but I cried her whole first day!!

Waiting for the bus!! She get's to ride a big bus to and from Alpine Elementary. I thought it would be hard on Andee since she is dying to go to school and ride a bus, but she has just been sweet and happy for Brea.