Sunday, December 6, 2009

the Big Surgery

Cranial Vault surgery pics finally! Brea in her cute hospital gown at Primary Children's waiting to go back for surgery...

If she only knew what was coming?? So So sad to see her so happy and not realize what she was going to have to go through. Maybe it's better that way!

In ICU right after surgery...Looking pretty good.

Day of Surgery!! What a long day!! That's way to long for a 2 year old to be in surgery!! But we're so thankful that it can be done...

Day after Surgery!! Starting to Swell and Black eyes...

Brea with the #1 Dad who spent every sleepless night by Brea's side since Mom had just weened a nursing baby!! Thanks so much!!!

Day 2 after surgery

Asleep or Awake?? Poor eyes swollen shut!!

I can Finally see!!

Day 3 after surgery!! Some head weight off!! OUCH!! SO that's why it hurt. They cut out the exact same scar that she had when she was 5 1/2 months.
I LOVE MY DAD!! This is what he did for me 4 days straight in the hospital because this is what I wanted...Thanks DAD!!
Day 4 after surgery!! We get to go home!! If you can believe that!! Thanks so much Mom & Dad, Kristi, and Misti for all your help with Andee and Gage!!! And thanks for all your love and support and prayers through it all!! Brea Loves You all and so do we!! I'll try to get some pictures of her now... She is doing amazingly well and we're so glad to have that puppy behind us!! Brea is seriously so amazing!! I feel so honored and blessed to be her mother along with Andee and Gage of course...