Saturday, January 26, 2008

Andee's new cowboy boots, hat and Wranglers that she got for her birthday!!  Thanks so much!!  She loves "me hat"
Andee in "me hat" and "me boots"  she calls them.  
Brea had to try on the Hat!!  Check out how good she's sitting up!  Even with the big hat on.  
Andee had her birthday party at McDonald's play place.  She had a good time eating cupcake and opening "pesants" and playing around.  I can't believe she is "2".

Happy Birthday to ANDEE!
Finally Pig tails!
Andee is such a great help right now with EVERYTHING!
Andee's cousin is teaching her SC Warriors.  She loves to dress up and dance with her!
Misti's Junior Wadman helper.  Brea is now sitting by her self and doing so well.  We are patching one eye everyday to get ready for an eye surgery.  We are so grateful for her.
Andee's latest is taking off her diaper, sitting on the toilet and pushing, then getting off, wiping and flushing the toilet.  We haven't pushed potty training at all, but this is her new thing.  We've yet to see anything other than toilet paper and her toys drop in. 

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Christmas morning

Andee had so much fun with her new card table tent and her baby bed on Christmas morning.  She wasn't really interested in opening presents, she just wanted to play with what she had.  Brea just loved watching Andee.  She fell asleep on Dad's lap while Andee was opening presents.

Christmas 2007

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Hobson Family

We finally got a BLOG!