Monday, July 20, 2009

More Hobsons at Bear Lake

Hobson Reunion @ Bear Lake

Bryce, Andee & Sydney playing in the lake
Cute Gage being a happy baby!!
Andee & cousin Bryce

Brea & Dad

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July Breakfast!!

Our ward had a 4th of July breakfast, flag ceremony, and bike parade!! And of course we were in attendance since Ben and I are activities chair! It was a good time!! Thanks to all the great help!!
smiley Gage!! Usually with a foot in his mouth now days!! We love this little guy
Andee lining up with her friend for the bike parade!!
It was a HUGE Bike parade!! I've never seen so many kids in one spot riding bikes. They all had them decorated so cute!! Andee was proud of her decorations. In fact we can't get her to take them off!!

Cherry Dresses

Andee and Brea's cousins from Colorado sent them the material for these cute Cherry dresses. They'll love it at the upcoming reunion that they'll all match!!
The cousins chillin' with Einstein!!
Andee, Brea and Gage were so excited for there cousins coming in town to play!! Brea was freaked out by Einstein. We couldn't convince her that he wasn't real. She kept looking at him and freaking out and then she would look at his arm behind her and freak out again!! She was so terrified, it was sad, but funny!!

Andee on the other had fell in love with the statue!!

Courage Reins!!

Brea got to start riding horses a couple of weeks ago. It's an awesome program called Courage Reins. The first couple of laps, she gave us the pouty lip I'm sure you've all seen, but then she got so comfortable and loves it. We're so excited for her progress and jealous of all she gets to do.
Andee coming to support her. Andee was a little upset that we were just going to watch Brea ride. She wanted to ride so bad. But when we got there she was just cute and excited for Brea. What a great older sister.

Cute little wrangler bum!!

OUr Cute girls!! Ooops forgot to comb Andee's hair!! Bad Mom!!

Discovery Park/ Princess Park

Catherine and Kristal came over to play the other day with their kids and we took them to the Discovery Park (aka the Princess Park to Andee)
Cute Brea posing!!
Thanks Catherine and Kristal for the good time Andee, Brea and I loved the company!!
Typical ANdeE

Gage O Swinging!! He's such a fun cute little stink!!