Thursday, October 23, 2008


Hope you can tell what we're having.  We're way excited!!  Especially that everything looks really good!!  Good and Healthy!!  We showed Andee and Brea the DVD of the ultra sound and Andee said "It's swimming.  It's a fishy!"  It was such a cute ultra sound.  He's a poser!
Fist under chin pose!
Pointing!!  Ben thought it was the bird
cute profile!

Our little 3 legged baby!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Santa Clara Swiss Days

Andee & Brea getting ready for the parade
Brea riding on Dad's shoulders.  I think she likes it
Andee with her fish and prizes from the kids games.  She loved that and wouldn't let go of that poor fish.  

towards the end of the parade.  

Congratulations DAD!!

Great Job Dad!!  Ben did awesome.  He finished the race even with a bum knee the last 13 miles.  He ran it in 3:43:00.  He is sooooo sore, but he says he better run again next year.  Hope we don't got an addict.  
Andee was so excited to find her dad at the end of the marathon.  It rained the entire 26+ miles. 
Brea hanging out at Grandma Sherri's.  She's getting so big and doing so good.

Andee playing in the rain with her cousins in St. George